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Our vision is to be a leading and sustainable independent UK gas development and production company, providing a reliable source of energy to power homes and businesses while minimizing our impact on the environment through efficient innovative and responsible practices.

To support our vision and guide our actions we have adopted the following statements of Mission and Purpose.


Our mission is to contribute to a reliable and sustainable supply of natural gas to the UK, while also actively contributing to energy security and the energy transition.

We will achieve this through the responsible development and production of natural gas, implementing innovative technologies and best practices for environmental protection and efficiency.

Where applicable we will also evaluate and invest in opportunities for low-carbon gas production and carbon capture and storage.

We will be a responsible and trusted energy partner, working closely with industry partners and stakeholders to support the UK’s efforts to decarbonize its energy system and ensure a secure and affordable energy supply for all.


We will use our combined skills to:

  • Develop discovered gas resources in the UKCS.
  • Enhance production from existing or abandoned fields that have not been optimally exploited.

We will be part of the solution for maximizing economic recovery of gas from the UKCS.

We will provide a reliable source of energy to power homes and businesses in the UK.

We will always look for opportunities to develop fields with minimum possible carbon footprint and thus be part of the transition to net zero for the UK.

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